"How to wash a silk quilt?"

When we started Silky U, "How do I wash a silk quilt?" was the most frequent question we had. People have had all sorts of concerns:

  • Damage to the silk: Silk is a delicate fabric, and people were worried that washing it may cause the silk to lose its softness, shine, or texture and become wrinkled or creased.
  • Shrinkage: They've also worried that silk quilts may shrink when exposed to water, leading to an improper fit on the bed or an uneven filling distribution.
  • Loss of silk: Some prospects were concerned that washing could cause the silk filling to clump or shift within the quilt cover, affecting its warmth and comfort.
  • Special care requirements: Many people were concerned about care requirements and the need for gentle detergents and feared making mistakes during washing it.

After understanding that washing a silk quilt was one of the biggest constraints preventing people from buying one, we decided to design a quilt that could resolve all these concerns.

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Unique Design: The Only Silk Quilt Of Its Kind In Australia

In the original design, a silk filling was quilted to a cotton cover, so the solution was obvious - all we needed to do was to make the cover removable so it could be washed separately. And that's exactly what we did!

We quilted the filling to a thin, delicate cotton gauze with eight loops - four in the corners and four in the middle of each side. We then added eight strings to the cover so the gauze attached to the filling could be tied to the cover and stay there without shifting.

And - VOILÀ! - removing, washing, and reattaching the cover is now a breeze.

The precious silk remains untouched during washing, meaning that the quilt:

  • Won't shrink or lose its softness, shine, or texture
  • Will maintain its even distribution for consistent warmth and comfort
  • Will last for many years to come (longer than practically any quilt made of other fabrics)

Plus, you don't need to be a laundry expert. Just remove the cover, toss it in the washing machine and wash it as you would normally wash any cotton items. It's that easy.

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Quality Remains Our First Priority

All our materials are OEKO-certified

As always, the filling is crafted from 6A Grade 100% Mulberry silk - the finest quality silk in the world.

However, when designing the cover, we thought about it very seriously and took it to the next level - instead of 300 TC (thread count) cotton for the removable cover, we now use 400 TC cotton, which is smoother and more durable.

The inner gauze is made from the lightest (almost weightless) 200 TC cotton.

All our materials are OEKO-certified and are free from any toxins or chemicals.

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Silk Quilts Are Not Cheap

Silk quilts are undoubtedly a luxurious bedding option that comes with a hefty price tag. Our quilts are priced from $389 to $699, depending on their size and warmth level.

Could we offer you lower prices? Sure, we could, but it would be at the expense of the materials' quality and craftsmanship.

But don't you want that silky softness, luxurious look and all the incredible health benefits?

So, let's be real. You can only get it with the highest-quality silk quilts.

Otherwise, they'd be, well, cheap.

Silk Quilts Are Not That Expensive - Less Than $1 Per Night

Can you afford 64c a night for guaranteed better sleep?

That's how little a Silky U silk quilt will cost you. Let us explain.

Our highest price tag for the All Season Super King silk quilt is $699.

We offer a 3-year warranty.

$699 / 3 years / 365 nights = $0.64/per night

10 times cheaper than an almond latte at most places these days.

And, in reality, it will last much longer than three years - we've been sleeping under our silk quilt for over a decade and absolutely love it.

This is truly the best quilt we have ever tried. But don't just take our word for it; see what our customers have to say.

Introducing a Silk Quilt With A Removable Washable Cover

Choose quality. Choose luxury. Choose the best.
Choose Silky U.