Australian Bed Linen Size Guide

Bed Linen Size Guide Australia

Bed linen sizes and names vary significantly worldwide, with different countries having their own standards.

In Australia, bed sheets typically come in six sizes: single, king single, double, queen, king, and super king. Quilts and quilt covers are available in five sizes, the same as bed linen sizes but excluding king single. Pillowcases - in four sizes: standard, queen, king, and European.

To help you choose the right bed linen for your bed, below is a complete size chart for Australian bed linen (in cm):

Single K Single Double Queen King Super King
Quilt Covers 140x210 NA 180x210 210x210 245x210 270x240
Flat Sheets 195x275 220x275 240x275 260x275 285x275 330x300
Fitted Sheets* 91x190 108x203 137x190 152x203 182x203 203x203
Pillowcases NA NA NA 48x74 48x92 NA

*) It is worth noting that the standard depth of single, king single, and double fitted sheets is 40cm, while the depth of queen, king, and super king fitted sheets may vary between 40cm and 50cm. Therefore, we recommend checking your mattress dimensions before purchasing bed linen.

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