Australian Quilts Size Guide

Quilt Size Guide Australia

When buying a silk quilt, getting the right size to fit your bed or furniture is crucial. However, the quilt size can be different from the bed size. For example, our customers often buy King size quilts with Queen size bed sheets.

Bed Quilt Sizes 

 The standard sizes for bed quilts in Australia are (in cm):

Single 140 x 210
Double 180 x 210
Queen 210 x 210
King 245 x 210
Super King 270 x 240

Baby Quilt Sizes

Baby quilts are designed to fit a cot or bassinet. If you're buying a baby quilt, consider the size of the cot or bassinet and get a quilt that fits it.

The standard sizes for baby quilts in Australia are (in cm):

  • Bassinet: 80 x 100
  • Cot: 100 x 120 

Throw Quilt Sizes 

Throw quilts are smaller than bed quilts and are designed to be used as a decorative throw on a bed, couch or chair. 

The standard Australian sizes for throw quilts are (in cm):

  • Small throw: 100 x 140
  • Medium throw: 120 x 180
  • Large throw: 140 x 200 

So, there you have it! Consider the size of your bed or furniture, and you will easily find the perfect size quilt for your needs. 

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