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6A Grade 100% Mulberry Silk Bedding in Australia

Struggling to sleep well?

Whether it's night sweats, allergies, sensitive skin, or fluctuating body temperature, we have the solution that can change your sleep forever.

Crafted from the finest 6A Grade 100% Mulberry silk, our silk bedding provides a soft and smooth touch that feels heavenly against your body, keeping you calm and cosy throughout the night.

Say goodbye to bed and dust mites, pollen, mould and allergens. Wake up refreshed, free from breakouts, skin irritations and other fungal infections, all thanks to the natural properties of silk.

Discover a new level of sleep comfort today!

Explore Our Silk Bedding

This Month's Bestseller

  • Better Sleep

    Mulberry silk provides a soft, smooth touch that feels heavenly against your body and that no other bedding fabric can match.

  • Better Skin & Hair

    Silk pillowcases and bed sheets are legendary for preventing frizz, tangles, hair breakage and sleep-induced wrinkles.

  • No Night Sweats or Shivering

    Lightweight and breathable, silk bedding naturally adjusts to your body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • No Allergies

    Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mould and allergens, silk bedding helps you sleep peacefully without any sneezes or sniffles.

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We are Silky U

We are the founders of Silky U and are on a mission to revolutionise your sleep quality, transforming every night into an exquisite delight.

After sleeping in silk for over a decade, we designed our exclusive collection of luxurious silk bedding and brought it to Australia.

With a passion for perfection, we have meticulously tested each product ourselves, ensuring that only the best make their way to you.

Our Story

5 Reasons to Choose Silky U

1. Have an incredible sleep all night, every night

Our bedding is 100% high-grade Mulberry silk – handcrafted to ensure you get a deep, comfortable, relaxing sleep every night.

This silk bed linen will be a timeless addition to your bedroom, adding a touch of luxury to your abode.

Known as the queen of fabrics, silk has timeless elegance, and, compared with other bedding materials, boast many amazing health benefits.

Treat yourself to a heavenly slumber whilst enhancing the softness and youthfulness of your
skin and hair.

2. Get your order in days, not weeks

Vast majority of bed linen that you can purchase online is imported from offshore, so the transportation can take weeks.

We are located in Melbourne and all our products are shipped from our Melbourne warehouse FREE of charge, so depending on your location, our delivery time is 1-8 days.

Unlike some of our competitors who only ship on certain days of the week, we make every effort to get your order processed and shipped as soon as possible.  

If your order is place before 12pm, it will be dispatched on the same day. If it’s placed after 12pm, on the weekend or a public holiday, it will be dispatched the next business day.

We’ve partnered with an industry leading and efficient Australian logistics company to make this happen.

3. Changed your mind? Send it back!

We have a 30-day FREE returns policy. We want to make sure you’re absolutely satisfied and happy with your purchase, which we are sure you will be, but if for any reason you aren’t, we’ve got you covered.

4. Enjoy your silk bedding for many years to come

We offer a 3-year warranty on all our products. That’s how much we believe in the craftsmanship of our products and are very proud of our quality.

If you have any issues with ripping or fraying within 3 years of your purchase, simply get in touch and we’ll replace them free of charge.

5. Stay on top of your cash flow

We offer several “Buy Now, Pay Later” options for making your purchase. Whatever you choose, your order will be processed and shipped within the same time frame.

If we don’t have your preferred BNPL platform, let us know.

Introducing Custom Silk Sheet Set Builder

Mix and match quilt covers, pillowcases, fitted and flat sheets, and choose any size and colour.

Combine a King size quilt cover with a Queen size fitted sheet or replace a quilt cover with a flat sheet.

Need more pillowcases? Add any quantity to your custom bedding set.

Buy More & Save!

The Best Silk Bedding Retailer

We proudly announce that we won Best Silk Bedding Retailer - Australia at the 2023 LuxGlobal Excellence Awards

Here at Silky U, we are committed to superior quality, exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

However, we wouldn’t be Silky U without you - our amazing customers; and we have big plans to keep bringing you the best silk bedding for the best sleep.

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