Silk Bedding Care Instructions

In order to develop and provide proper care instructions, we’ve been testing our products and putting them to use in our own everyday live for over a decade. Following the below guidelines will help to lengthen the lifetime of your silk bedding and to keep it looking amazing for years to come.


We recommend hand wash; however, machine washing in cold water in a delicate cycle or silk cycle is also possible. Remember, temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius can damage silk significantly.

ALWAYS wash silk separately from other items in a silk-only load.

Turn your silk quilt covers and silk pillowcases inside out if machine washing.

Place all silk items in fine mesh laundry bags to protect the delicate fabric from damage (we strongly recommend buying fine mesh laundry bags to help keep the silk from tearing); use separate laundry bags for items with a zipper and without.

Washing Silk Quilts with a Removable Cover

Remove the cotton cover, turn it inside out and wash it separately as you would usually wash cotton bed linen.

We don't recommend washing the silk filling. Dry clean (no trichloroethylene!) it instead.


Use a gentle pH-neutral liquid detergent formulated for silk. Remember, strong and concentrated detergents can damage silk fibres.

DON'T use fabric softener, it’s unnecessary and may leave an unpleasant residue on silk.


DON’T use bleach on silk items. Bleach is harsh and can damage the fabric and cause it to change the colour.


We recommend hang drying your silk bed linen out of direct sunlight to preserve the fabric; avoid wooden drying racks which can leech dyes or stains into silk.

If tumble dry is necessary, use cool settings for the shortest time possible.


Ironing silk bed linen is not necessary; any wrinkles after washing will smooth and release after a few nights' uses. If you do choose to iron your silk items, do it only on the coolest setting don’t forget to turn your quilt covers and pillowcases inside out.

Using a light steam will enable the iron to glide smoothly over silk. You can also place a piece of fabric between the iron and your silk item.


Store your silk bed linen and silk quilts in a cool, dark and dry place using breathable bags or airtight containers.

To repel moths we recommend using lavender sachets or cedar wood balls instead of mothballs that can leave a strong odour in silk.

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