TENCEL or Cotton?

Silk Quilts with a TENCEL Cover

TENCEL is well-known for its silky soft feel and moisture-wicking qualities. Though it absorbs more moisture than cotton, TENCEL is ten times more resistant to bacterial growth (because of its antibacterial properties), which makes our silk quilts with a TENCEL cover an ideal option for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Compared to cotton, less water and chemicals are used in TENCEL production, making it more environmentally friendly.

Silk Quilts with a Cotton Cover

A cotton cover is soft and breathable, helping you feel pleasantly comfortable and soothed for the whole night.

Cotton absorbs less moisture than TENCEL, making these quilts a perfect choice for people with dry or normal skin.

The cotton cover has a hidden zipper closure and can be easily removed, machine-washed, and dried separately from the silk filling, making it easy to care for.

Whether TENCEL or cotton, we use 400 thread count fabric, which is noticeably thinner and smoother than the standard linen fabric and doesn’t produce this annoying rustling noise during sleep.