Why is Silk Bedding So Expensive?

The price of silk bed linen and silk quilts may be the main turn-off factor for many people, but the benefits are worth every penny.

When you compare silk to more common fabrics for bedding (such as cotton, wool, down or polyester), silk, without a doubt, comes out on top.

Unlike cotton, which has to go through a process to be deemed hypoallergenic, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-fungal. Germs struggle to cling to or grow on silk, and it is also resistant to dust mites, mould and bacteria.

Silk not only synchronises with the heat of your body, it absorbs less moisture than cotton, wool, down and synthetic materials, so your skin stays more hydrated during your sleep.

Plus, silk won't absorb your skincare products, so they'll actually stay on your face and body overnight.

The soft and smooth nature of silk bed linen enables your skin and hair to “glide” across the surface, avoiding friction and reducing wrinkles and pulled or tangled hair.

But there is more to silk bedding than just the numerous health benefits.

Silk has timeless elegance and is known as the queen of fabrics. In ancient China, for approximately a millennium, the right to use silk was reserved for the emperor, members of the imperial family and the highest dignitaries.

High quality silk bed linen is a complement to any bedroom, adding a touch of luxury to your abode.

If you want to treat yourself to a heavenly night’s sleep whilst enhancing the softness and youthfulness of your skin and hair, silk bed linen is your best choice.

Once you’ve tried silk bedding you’ll never go back!